Mainstream! – a conference report

Here you can find a conference report.

Mainstream! – conference programme

Programme of the “Mainstream! Popular Culture in Central and Eastern Europe” conference to be found here.

Call for Papers “Mainstream! Popular Culture in Central and Eastern Europe”

Call for Papers “Mainstream! Popular Culture in Central and Eastern Europe”

5th conference of Centre for the Study of Popular Culture

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with the support of National museum of Czech Republic, Faculty of Arts of Charles University
and the German Historical Institute Warsaw

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29 October – 31 October 2020, Prague

Mainstream media representations of celebrities remain problematic, as excited discussions regarding the recent funeral of singer Karel Gott have demonstrated. The appraisal of his long-term career has been divided into two extreme positions: uncritical admiration for the idol who spread joy under different political regimes on one hand and condemnation of his kitschy art associated with his selling out under these regimes on the other. What the overall debate has confirmed, is that stars and celebrities of popular culture can become symbols of any given period. Continue reading

Beyond the Café/Pub Split: Interlocking Urbanity and Rurality in the Popular Culture of East Central European Societies

30 October – 31 October 2015, Prague

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Centre for Study of Popular Culture (CSPK)

is a non-profit organization established in 2009. Its typical projects are seminars, conferences, workshops and other public events, such as alternative city walks, university classes and exhibitions. 

CSPK is interested in the topics of popular culture as an important factor for societal imagination and representations as well as in subcultures embedding the life-style promoted by leisure time activities. Continue reading