International Workshop: Regional Identity Pictured by the Popular Culture – Examples of Moravia and Saxony

Regional identity in the nowadays Europe is being understood as one of the primary mechanisms of identification. Opposite to the national or ethnical identities that are often negatively marked by the past the regional identity offers some new meanings. Although was this level not yet much reflected – as it could be viewed as unattractive in the national context. Regionalism often derives its potential from the feeling of injustice coming from the centre. In the central-eastern Europe these feelings are often connected with political conservativism that defines the regional identity by the primordial factors like common origin, dialect and other “objective” signs.

The project aims on mapping, analysing and comparison of the nowadays Moravian and Saxon regional identity as it is manifested in the popular culture.

Time schedule

16. -20. 4. 2011, workshop in Saxony
21. -24. 4. 2011, workshop in Moravia
27. -28. 5. 2011, presentations in Moravská Třebová


Five key studies were worked out:

Zuzana Mildeová: Ostrava – regional identity painted black

Jakub Machek: Regional identity as loocking backword (read here)

Stephanie Schroeder: TOTÁL TOTALITNÍ PÁRTY – about Ostalgia in Saxonia and Moravia (read here)

Sven Buchmann: Chemnitz – instead of modern (read here in German)

Antje König, Tereza Melicharová: A comparison of Facebook groups: How is regional identity of Saxony and Moravia illustrated by social media? (read here)

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