From Tito’s Pioneers to Žižek’s Beard: Ethnology and Popular Culture of post-Yugoslav Space

Reana Senjković, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb

The lecture aims to provide an insight into ethnological/cultural anthropological research on popular culture and subcultures in late socialist and post-socialist (ex-) Yugoslavia.

Through presenting its main topics (via the corresponding examples) it will ancompass also major theorethical, methodological and ethical issues, ie.:
1) the notion of transition;
2) boundaries and grounds of a field of science, including the problem of studying one’s own society and the doxa of an outsider’s impartiality;
3) center and periphery in terms of “vagaries of colonial and postcolonial pragmatics”;
4) objectivity and militancy in/of cultural anthropology.

Likewise, it will bring forward some other ongoing disputes in the field, especially the one of inter/trans/postdisciplinarity.

Finally, by reflecting on the young scientists’ position within the „arena“ that is more and more characterized by the impetus to competitiveness and applicability, it will outline some weak spots in their research and presentation of its outcomes.


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